2019 Camp Staff

New and returning staff!

We look forward to another great summer at Camp Seton!  


 WEDNESDAY, June 19th  1PM-5PM

  • Management Staff & Area Directors

THURSDAY, June 20th  1PM-5PM

  • All Staff

FRIDAY, June 21st 9AM-2PM

  • All Staff and Volunteers

Note: Alternative training dates and times may be offered to staff who have a later school release date due to snow days

All positions require the following online training. 

Below is a list of forms that must be submitted PRIOR to your contract start date.  Please be sure to read paperwork carefully and fill in all fields.

File Name Description
Authorization for Administration of Medication For staff requiring the administation of medication during camp hours. An Authorization for Administration of Medication form must be completed, signed, and dated by the physician and parent. A separate form is required for each medication. NOTE: All medications must be physically checked by the nurse at check-in and be in there originally packaging with Rx label. Download
CT W-4 Connecticute state W-4 form for withholding. Download
CT Working Papers Manual Guide for staff members ages 16 & 17 who are required to obtain working papers from their high school. Download
I-9 Federal form I-9 for employment verification eligibility. To be filled out by new employees only. Download
Medical Part A - Part A: Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization This form is the permission for the camper to participate in camp activities as well as stipulates who may or may not remove the camper from camp. Download
Part B1: General Information/Health History PLEASE NOTE: This information must be completed even if you are using a state (school) physical form. Download
Part C: Physical Examination Signed and dated by doctor within 1 year of first day of camp. You may substitute a doctor’s form or school form for Part C. Download
Part D: Camp Seton Addendum Completed, signed and dated (under 18 by a parent or guardian). This is required by the State of Connecticut. Download
W-4 Federal W-4 form for withholding. Download