Early Pick-up Request Policy


Can I pick my child up early?
Camp Seton has set early pick-up times, 12:00pm, 1:00pm and 2:00pm. Early pick-up requests should be submitted no later than 10am.

What if I need to pick-up my child up at a different time than permitted?
Should you need an early pick-up time that does not concur with the available pick-up times please choose the pick-up time that is closest to the time you will arrive. Your camper will be brought to the office at the available pick-up time where they will wait until your arrival.

What if I need to pick-up my child and did not submit a request?
Drop-in pick-ups are strongly discouraged as they are extremely disruptive to program continuity. Drop-in pick-ups should only happen as a matter of emergency and not convenience. Please call the camp office at 203-869-6633.

Why does Camp Seton have pick-up times?
Many factors play a role in our ability to honor early pick-ups, such as staff availability, location, and task-at-hand. 

Can I pick my child up a few minutes early?
Any unscheduled pick-up after 3:15pm will require a wait until normal check-out times as we are in the process of beginning our daily check-out and staff are not available to facilitate such request.

Early Pick-up Request