SCOUT CAMP - Programs


At the archery range, boys and girls get to perfect their bow and arrow skills. With a focus on safety, our Archery program takes place under the guidance of a BSA certified instructor who ensures proper handling and technique.

Rifle Safety

In addition to learning proper handling, storage and possession of firearms, our rifle program offers Campers (campers completing 5th grade and up) a chance to practice their shooting technique with our .22 rifles. in a safe, controlled environment.  Our rifle range is staffed with an BSA and NRA certified rifle instructor and range safety officer.


Campers have access to our Nature Education Center located at the entrance of our Wilderness & Conservation Area with more than 5 miles of hiking trails and lakes and streams. The Nature Program offers hands on experiences in the natural sciences and offers opportunities for campers to explore on their own with access to the NEC’s educational resources, specimens, books, field guides and more!

Outdoor Skills & Scoutcrafts

The Scoutcraft area at Camp Seton is where many “Scout Skills” are taught. What are Scout Skills? Everything from first aid and map and compass work to shelter building, woodworking and lashing. Campers are permitted to use pocketknives in the designated whittling area and axes in the designated axe yard only if they possess a valid Toten' Chip card. Fire building (including use of matches and flint and steel) is permitted for those campers who possess a valid Fireman Chit' card. 


Campers use their agility and strength to scale our 40 foot climbing tower and rappel.  All campers can try their skills on our Bouldering Wall.  For those who can climb our tower and choose not to rappel down-  our zip line is a fast and exciting way to get back to the forest floor!


Your child will participate in recreational swim sessions in our pool under the supervision of BSA and American Red Cross certified lifeguards. Every child takes a BSA swim test which determines his ability in the water.


Campers use their angling skills in Seton's lakes and streams which are stocked with trout, sunfish, and the elusive small-mouthed bass. Campers may bring their own fishing gear or use poles and equipment (and worms!) supplied by us.

Sports and Games

Camp Seton sport facilities includes a basketball court, 3 sport fields, and game room. Sporting activities include basketball, volleyball, kickball, badminton, frisbee golf, 4-square, GaGa ball, and relay races.  Campers can also relax with one of our board games in the Pray Building or on the shaded porch.

Boating, Canoeing & Paddle Boarding

Lake Hillegas provides an ideal setting for row boats and canoes.  Under the watchful eyes of certified instructors and lifeguards, campers can explore the lake and practice their boating skills. All boaters wear Coast Guard certified Personal Flotation Devices. 

Campfire & Special Guests

Campers and staff who return to Camp Seton each summer look forward to our weekly campfire and special events.  Themed days, special guests and our campfire with awards and skits are some of the activities that make Camp Seton so much fun.