REQUIRED FORMS (Please read carefully)

My child requires medication administered during camp hours.

My child does not require medication administered during camp hours but has a special health care need (ie. hearing device, ADHD, allergy, anxiety).

My child does not require medication administered during camp hours and does not have any special health care needs (ie. hearing device, ADHD, allergy, anxiety).

BSA Part A 
Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization
The National BSA requires that all participants fill out Part A annually for participation in Scouting activities. Required parent signature and date.

BSA Part B General Information/Health History
Part B is a health history to be filled out by the parent (write "see attached for immunization schedules).  If your camper is a returning camper, this form needs to be complete so our medical staff is aware of changes to your child’s health in the past year (broken bones, asthma, etc). 

Part C Pre-participation Physical
Part C is to be filled out by a physician after your child’s health exam. A school form or doctor's standard form may be substituted for Part C.  Part C or substitute form must have physician's signature and be dated within 36 months.  Immunization record attached.

Authorization for Administration of Medication
This form authorizes our Nurse on staff to administer your child his medication during camp hours.  Form must be completed in full, have valid dates and physician's signature.  School and other camp forms are not accepted in place of our camp form.  

Check-out Information and Authorization to Administration Stock Medications
Provides camp staff with the names of individuals authorized to pick up your child from camp.  Authorization for over-the-counter and stock medications directed by the Camp Physician in the Camp Standing Orders in the event your child needs medical attention during camp hours.

All forms need to be submitted one week prior to your child's first day of camp. Campers will not be permitted to attend camp without required paperwork.

We accept forms by mail or in person only.

Greenwich Council, BSA
Attn: Camp Seton
63 Mason Street
Greenwich, CT 06830

File Name Description
Authorization for Admin. of Meds. Authorization for the administration of medication for day camp personnel. Must have valid dates and physician signature. ***Please note: School and other camp forms are not accepted in place of our camp form. This form authorizes Camp Seton's personnel to administer medication only.*** Download
BSA Medical Required Medical Forms Part A and Part B to be filled out by parent (immunization schedule can be attached) Part C* to be filled out by physician with signature and dated within 36 months of camp start date *school or doctor's health assessment forms are acceptable for Part C Download
BSA Part A Download
BSA Part B Download
BSA Part C Download
Camper Checkout & Medication Authorization Important information for camper pick-up and medication authorization for over-the-counter and stock medication in camp Health Office. Download
Concussion Fact Sheet A fact sheet for parents outlining the signs and symptoms of a concussion. Download
Youth Protection Policy National Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Policies. All camp staff are required to have a current Youth Protection Certification. Download