What time is drop-off?

Camp begins at 9:00am with a flag ceremony.  Drop-off starts at 8:45am.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

Please pack your child’s back pack with a water bottle, swimsuit, towel and extra pair of dry socks. We strongly recommend these additional items to ensure your child is comfortable participating in all our outdoor activities; cap or hat, sunscreen, water shoes (must have for creek exploration). Rain gear for rainy days! 

How are groups structured? And how does Camp Seton group its campers?

Campers are organized by Patrols based on age and grade.  Every group is led by a Patrol Leader and additional Assistant Patrol Leaders, each of whom supervise between 8 and 12 campers.

Can my child be placed in the same group as a friend?

Participants may request to be grouped with another camper within the overall age group however, it is not always possible to put friends in the same Patrol. Please note that campers will spend time in selected program areas regardless of their Patrol Assignment. 

Does Camp Seton have a uniform?

Yes! Campers are required to wear their Camp Seton shirt to camp each day. Closed toe shoes are required. Each camper receives one uniform shirt with registration. Additional shirts are available in the Trading Post at $10. 

Do parents participate in weekly campfires?

Parents are welcome (and encouraged!) to attend our weekly Campfires on Fridays at 2:30pm. Scouts put on skits, sing songs and receive awards from different program areas.

What kind of activities do the boys participate in?

Campers will participate in swimming, boating, scout crafts, sports, games, archery, Rifle shooting, nature, hiking, creek exploration, handicrafts and climbing.  

My son has allergies and/or a medical condition; should I be concerned?

Seton takes precautions to protect children with allergies and other medical conditions. We employ a full-time nurse who is available to meet with parents before the camp season begins. 

Should I be concerned about ticks and wildlife at Camp Seton?

Seton has over 200 acres of wilderness area. Campers adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace and the safety guidelines recommended by the BSA’s conservation plan and wildlife protection. Ticks are carriers of Lyme disease and it is strongly recommended that campers wear bug spray. Parents are encouraged to check campers every afternoon or evening for ticks. 

What if I have to pick my camper up early?

If you need to pick your child up early from camp, complete an “Early Pick Up” form the morning of early pickup. Forms are available in the camp office or drop-off table. Due to program scheduling, we will not be able to accommodate early pick-ups after 2:00pm. 

Whom do I contact if I have questions or issues?<

Camp office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. In most cases, the Area Director or Team Leader is the best person to talk to because they work closely with your child. Since their primary responsibility during the camp day is to supervise campers, please leave a message with our office manager and they will call you back when they have a break. Our Camp Directors and Program Directors are available to assist families. 

What happens on rainy days?

Seton's motto is "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!" In the event of rain, please pack your child with appropriate rain gear. Rain creates more opportunities for fun. In the event of lightning or thunder, campers will go to their assigned indoor areas for board games, movies, crafts and much more! 

What happens on very hot days?

In the event of extremely hot temperatures, camp activities are modified to help keep campers cool. Water games, extended swimming periods, and activities in shaded areas along with drinking plenty of water ensure that your child will beat the heat. 

What is the swim check?

All campers are required to take a swim check before entering the pool. Conducted by a BSA certified Aquatics Director, the test is designed to assess your child’s swimming ability to ensure that he remains safe and comfortable while participating in pool activities. Campers are assigned to different levels based on their ability and have the opportunity to change their swim group as their skills progress