Camper Code of Conduct


  • Campers should be actively engaging in program activities.  Our staff will work with our campers to engage them in activities and ensure participation.      
  • Respect for self and others as well as ones surroundings is expected at camp. 
  • Physical violence of any kind, including hurting or threatening to hurt another person will not be tolerated and may result in suspension or dismissal. 
  • All Campers are expected to respect other people’s personal property. 
  • Closed shoes and socks must be worn at camp at all times, except in the pool area. Water shoes must be worn to enter the creek area. 
  • Every camper must utilize the buddy system during Day Camp operations.  This is a great way to make new friends while at camp. 
  • Campers should not throw rocks, sticks, or other objects unless part of an approved activity.
  • Campers are expected to follow the instructions and directions of all Camp Staff members.  This is  for the safety of our campers and staff. 
  • Campers must report any injuries to a staff member immediately. Staff will refer campers to the medical staff.   All injuries are documented and reported accordingly.  
  • Only BSA approved pocketknife with completed Toten’ Chip card are permitted at camp. Failure to comply with BSA pocketknife safety guidelines will result in confiscation. (Boy Scout Camp only).  Cub Scout Campers will not require a knife while at camp. 
  • NO CHEMICAL FUELS, FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS, or fireworks, as well as matches, lighters or other fire starting materials are permissible.   
  • All medication will be given to and dispensed by the Camp Health Officer. A signed Medical Authorization Form allowing for dispensing a camper’s medication must be given to and retained by the Health Officer. The forms are located in the required forms tab Click here to go to forms.
  • Hand-held games or other electronic devices are allowed.  
  • Fishing/Cray Fishing is not allowed except as a Den, Patrol, or Camp-wide scheduled event. 
  • Inclement weather may force some or all of the outdoor activities to be cancelled. We will provide alternate day camp activities. If the weather changes, the regular schedule will resume. 
  • Campers should not litter. All campers are asked to help pick up all trash and litter throughout Camp and use the proper recycling receptacles. The BSA adheres to Leave No Trace Principles. Please Click Here to learn more about Leave No Trace. 
  • SAFETY FIRST! Camp Seton adheres to the standards set forth in the BSA publication “Guide to Safe Scouting”