Important Notes

The Camp program begins at 9:00 a.m. and concludes at 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. On Friday camp operates from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m. Drop-off begins at 8:45am.

The speed limit to Camp Seton is 10 mph at all times. In the interest of camper safety, please obey the posted speed limit. Please only park in designated areas.

Camp uniform consists of a Camp Seton t-shirt and shorts. Each camper receives one free t-shirt at registration. Additional t-shirts are available for purchase at the Trading Post for $10.00. No open toed shoes or sandals are permitted. Socks are required. Each camper should bring swim trunks and a towel, rain gear, a cap or hat and an extra pair of dry socks. Water shoes must be worn to play in the creek. These items should be in the camper’s backpack, which he carries throughout the day. Please be sure to label all belongings in permanent marker with camper’s name.

Campers need to bring a nutritious lunch from home each day. It should be placed in a plastic bag or reusable container and labeled with your child’s name, and den letter. Lunches are refrigerated until lunch time at noon.

At Camp Seton we are sensitive to the needs of all our campers, including those who suffer from allergies. We are not a nut-free facility however we provide “food friendly” tables in our lunch area. These designated tables are nut-free and staff members check all lunches. If campers pack a lunch with peanut butter, they must eat in the designated lunch area. Snacks are permitted at camp but must be nut-free if consumed outside of a lunch area to help avoid cross contamination. Although staff is notified in advance of campers in their group with an allergy, we strongly encourage you and/or your child to speak directly with their counselor. “Recognizing of Anaphylaxis Symptoms” is part of our pre-camp training. CT State licensing requires that all campers that require special consideration submit a plan of action to the camp health office. 

Camp runs all day, rain or shine. Raingear is recommended for rainy days. In the event of severe weather, campers will be indoors for fun planned activities and games.

Please apply sunscreen and insect repellent at home. Campers are permitted to re-apply sunscreen and insect repellant at camp. No aerosol cans allowed. DEET free recommended.

If an embedded tick is removed from your child, it will be sent home with the camper, along with an information sheet. Please be sure to perform a tick check on your child every day!

The Camp provides fishing gear. If your child would like to use his personal gear, please label and bring it to the Camp Office for storage.  Tackle is available for purchase in the camp Trading Post.

Campers must check-in at the registration table each morning. Late Campers must check-in at the Camp Office in the Neilsen Building. Parents must check-out each camper individually at the end of the day. If you have to pick up your child earlier than 2:00pm please use an Early Pick-Up form. Children waiting for early dismissal will be at the Neilsen Building. If your child will not be in Camp on a specific day, please notify the Camp Office at 203-869-6633 and leave a message.

If your child is being sent to camp or picked up from Camp by someone other than a parent or legal guardian you must notify the camp office in writing. If your plans change suddenly, please call the Camp Office at (203) 869-6633.

The Seton Trading Post will be open daily. Campers may purchase drinks, snacks, patches, t-shirts and other camp related items. An adult must accompany Cub Scouts. 

BEHAVIOR Camp Seton reserves the right to dismiss at its sole discretion any camper whose condition, conduct, influence or behavior is deemed by the Camp as unsatisfactory or detrimental to the best interests of the Camp or who violates the Camp Rules and Regulations. No refunds are to be made for campers dismissed for misconduct or disciplinary reason.

Once registration is processed, tuition paid is fully refundable (less $100 cancellation fee) if enrollment changes are made by June 1st. After June 1st, NO REFUNDS will be made for cancellations. Any fees paid will be reimbursed for medical or required summer school reasons ONLY and must be accompanied by a doctor's or educator's note.

Camp Seton is staffed by a certified Registered Nurse or Director of First Aid. Written policies and procedures for the administration of medication by RN and Director of First Aid are posted in the camp health office.

Camp Seton staff adheres to the BSA Guidelines for Youth Protection. For more information go to

Required camp forms must be submitted in person or via mail before your child’s first day of camp. WE DO NOT ACCEPT FORMS VIA EMAIL. Your child will not be permitted to stay at camp if all required forms have not been turned in and reviewed by the camp registrar and nurse.


  • Campers must be actively engaged in program activities.   
  • Respect for self and others as well as one’s surroundings is expected at all times. 
  • Physical violence of any kind, including hurting or threatening to hurt another person will not be tolerated and may result in suspension or dismissal. 
  • All Campers must respect other people’s personal property. 
  • Closed shoes and socks must be worn at camp at all times, except in the pool area. Water shoes must be worn to enter the creek area. 
  • Every camper must utilize the buddy system during Day Camp operations. Campers must not throw rocks, sticks or other objects.  Campers will follow the instructions of a Camp Staff member. 
  • Campers must report any injuries to a staff member immediately. 
  • Only BSA approved pocketknife with completed Toten’ Chip card are permitted at camp. Failure to comply with BSA pocketknife safety guidelines will result in confiscation. (Boy Scout Camp only)
  • NO CHEMICAL FUELS, OTHER FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS or fireworks, as well as matches, lighters or other fire starting materials are permissible. 
  •  All medication will be given to and dispensed by the Camp Health Officer. A signed Med Authorization Form allowing for dispensing a boy’s medication must be given to and retained by the Camp Seton Day Camp Health Officer. 
  • No Cell Phones, Hand-held games or other electronic devices are allowed.
  • Fishing/Cray Fishing is not allowed except as a Den or Camp-wide scheduled event. 
  • Inclement weather may force some or all of the outdoor activities to be cancelled. We will provide alternate day camp activities. If the weather changes, the regular schedule will resume. 
  • Campers must KEEP OFF all logs and fences around the edge of the lake and in the camp parking areas.
  • Campers must not litter. All campers are asked to help pick up all trash and litter throughout Camp and use the proper recycling receptacles. 
  • SAFETY FIRST! Camp Seton adheres to the standards set forth in the BSA publication “Guide to Safe Scouting”